Berkley Design Professional first to offer “per project primary limits” coverage


Berkley Design Professional (Berkley DP) says it has become the first provider in the architects and engineers professional liability segment to offer “per project primary limits” coverage to design firm customers.

This new limit structure provides a dedicated limit for every project a design firm has worked on after the retroactive date stated in the firm’s professional liability insurance policy, even if the policy aggregate limit is exhausted.

“We believe that this new product changes the game when it comes to how design firms will think about and purchase professional liability insurance,” says Lawrence G. Moonan, executive vice-president and Chief Operating Officer of Berkley DP. “We are offering a separate limit for all of a firm’s projects, and claims do not erode the Policy Aggregate Limit unless the per project limit is exceeded. In addition, if a policy limits claim does occur, a design firm still has the per project primary limit available for the remainder of the policy period.”

Berkley DP says its new coverage is especially designed to insulate the total available limit from erosion as long as claims related to that project don’t exceed the per project primary layer. This includes ensuring the per project primary limit is available to cover all other projects during the duration of the policy; even if a lightning strike claim occurs.


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