State plans to build Delta Emergency Rock and Transfer Facilities at Stockton Port

delta emergency rock
The three sites included in the Delta Emergency Rock and Transfer Facilities project. (Image Source:

The California Department of Water Resources is constructing Delta Emergency Rock and Transfer Facilities, a flood response base at the Port of Stockton, with completion scheduled spring 2018.

Currently, DWR is expanding warehouses and building new barge docks and conveyors on 23 acres on the south part of West Weber Ave., west of the Interstate 5 bridge. Crews have also paved the Stockton site for stockpiling of up to 40,000 tons of riprap. Due to budget constraints, plans for a helipad have been scrapped.

“We’re looking at a catastrophic event, big earthquake and many levees broke and many islands flooded,” says DWR project manager John Paasch. “It allows us to respond pretty immediately.”

According to the original proposal submitted by AECOM to the State of California in 2007, rock stockpiling and barge loading facilities included in the project will be located on a state-owned property in Rio Vista, along the Sacramento River in Hood. Barge loading facilities will be built on Rough and Ready Island, which is adjacent to the Stockton Deepwater Channel.

Meanwhile, stockpiling will occur on an existing gravel-covered open storage area about 1,500 feet southwest of the barge loading area. Stockpiles will also be located in Hood on a privately-owned section of widened levee next to the Sacramento River, and Rio Vista on a 3.4 acre property owned by the State of California Reclamation Board that is currently being leased by ASTA Construction Co., Inc.

DRW is awarding Dutra Group with the contract for barge loading services at its existing barge loading facilities at 1,000 ft. southeast of the proposed stockpiling area on Rough and Ready.

Overall, the project costs $21 million with funds coming from the state’s 2006 Proposition 1E bond.


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