HoloBuilder partners with Autodesk for BIM 360 integration to improve project documentation

Users can now experience streamlined 360-construction documentation with an integration developed by HoloBuilder and Autodesk. (HoloBuilder press kit)

Digital construction sites provider HoloBuilder Inc. says it has joined forces with construction software developer Autodesk to develop a new cross-platform integration in the BIM 360 project management platform that aims to accelerate delivery, lower expenses and reduce risks.

“We have built HoloBuilder from the ground up to save time for our construction customers around the world when capturing reality and sharing this with stakeholders,” said HoloBuilder CEO Mostafa Akbari. “As we now provide access and a connection to the BIM 360 construction management platform, this eliminates duplicate work and interruptions in the overall workflow, resulting in further efficiency gains.”

Announced during Autodesk’s flagship user conference Autodesk University held in Las Vegas, the integration works by connecting the BIM 360 platform to HoloBuilder’s Construction Solution. Users can now seamlessly move between the two programs allowing users to add issues to BIM 360 while working from within their HoloBuilder project. They can virtually walk through a construction site and create issues that are linked to their position, making the affected area easy to locate when reviewing HoloBuilder documentation.

Moreover, the integration removes data silos. Aside from adding issues, users can also add documents such as sheets and floor plans from the BIM 360 platform to their HoloBuilder project.

“HoloBuilder’s seamless integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management platform is another example of how partnerships like these will make construction safer, simpler and smarter,” said Sarah Hodges, Autodesk construction business line director.

Further functionality allowing users to link more information between the two programs will be released shortly.


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