Redding drag strip gets fresh life with concrete overlay resufacing:

the work underway

Redding Motorsports Park, home to America’s oldest continuously operating drag strip, recently completed its newest track refurbishment with a groundbreaking – and more sustainable – new construction technique, says a spokesperson for the California Nevada Cement Association.

the process“Rather than digging up, disposing, and trucking in new asphalt, the drag strip was resurfaced with a unique approach called concrete overlay,” the association’s public relationship representative wrote in an April 18 email to CCN.

Condition of the raceway before the work started

“Aside from a pilot project, this is the first time this process has been used in the north of the state.

Inauural burn outs after the work was done

“Adding a thin layer of concrete on top of the existing surface, concrete overlay takes advantage of existing structural integrity – while recycling 100% of the material in-place with no extra effort or energy put toward it,” he wrote, providing images of the process.


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