Kaweah Health to replace Visalia hospital wing with nine-story, $500 million building

visalia hospital wing

Kaweah Health plans to replace one of its hospital’s wings with a nine-story, $500 million structure.

Visalia Times Delta reported on April 20 that the building would add 240 rooms at twice the space of the current aging wing. It will have a pharmacy, cafeteria and basement.

The project will be about $150 less expensive than another proposal which would have included two shorter towers.

“Aesthetically, I prefer (two towers), but it’s hard to argue with a $150 million savings. … The public was loud and clear about preferring a single, cheaper tower,” David Francis, Kaweah Delta Health Care District Board president, told the paper. “The board agreed to move forward with planning the new wing, but no construction has been approved.”

The hospital will likely use a tax measure to cover finances, according to the report.


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