AGC-CA and industry supporters collect more than $300,000 to fight against Sen. Newman recall vote

stop recall newman
Construction industry supporters gather to raise funds to fight against the recall vote for Sen. Josh Newman (AGC-CA photo)

Construction industry organizations have raised more than $300,000 to support Sen. Josh Newman, who faces a recall election after voting in support for SB1, which raised the California Gas Tax for the first time in 23 years, and generated an estimated $5.2 billion annually for road and bridge repairs.

Newman’s vote at the 11th hour on April 28 counted as the final vote required to pass the initiative, the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC-CA) reports. “Senator Newman, a Democrat out of the 29th District, is now the target of a recall election, and industry has stepped up to show our support,” AGC-CA says on its website.

In early August, more than 100 supporters joined together for an industry fundraising event at Griffith Company in Brea, CA, the heart of the Senator’ district. “Supporters included labor representatives, contractor companies, and associations from across the state who came to stand in alliance with Sen. Newman, contributing funds to the Opposition of the Recall Election PAC that has been formed to defeat those working to collect the 360,000 signatures required to move forward with the recall election.”

Gov. Jerry Brown attended the event “to demonstrate that our state needs to continue to make the tough, but necessary, votes on the issues that count. Gov. Brown was the leading proponent of SB 1 and has publicly voiced his support for the Senator to Stop The Recall.”

“The event was a monumental success with over $300,000 pledged. AGC and many of its members spent considerable time working to get SB 1 passed, and we will continue to stand behind individuals who support our industry,” AGC-CAL reports.

For more information on Stop The Recall, or to make a pledge, please visit


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