Kasita brings affordable modular homes to California

Kasita’s modular homes will be available in California in early November 2017. (http://kasita.com)

Award winning manufacturer of prefabricated homes, Kasita, announced Nov. 3 that the California Department of Housing and Community Development has granted them approval to manufacture and market accessory dwelling units in the state.

Kasita CEO Martyn Hoffman pointed out that state certifications and approvals are “a critical step” as they roll out their modular homes and density products across the United States. He explained that prefabricated buildings need to meet stricter standards than those built using traditional means. By creating homes that adhere to these standards, Kasita customers no longer have to spend money on modifications. They can immediately proceed to processing local permits.

“What’s great to see is each time we go through the approval process, the team gets more and more efficient. As cycle-times shorten, we are already seeing multiple additional state approvals move rapidly toward completion,” Hoffman said.

The Austin-based manufacturer takes pride in offering a simplified buying and building experience. Installation of a modular home can take as little as one day, excluding construction of the foundation and preparation of utilities. Every Kasita home also comes fully equipped with appliances and furniture. Each one has an integrated home automation system that allows the homeowner to control the entire living environment including lights, climate and sound, using voice commands and a mobile application.

Hoffman believes that the housing industry has not changed much in the past 50 years, with output and delivery seeing only little improvement. “What we are doing, every single day at Kasita, is seeking to disrupt the construction and housing industry by developing a home in the form of a designed, intelligent product,” he said, explaining that the company’s cost-effective homes make use of every cubic inch to give modern homeowners the experience they are looking for.

Aside from their ADU (accessory dwelling unit)s, Kasita also other options. Stackable units are available for larger or multiple families and a disaster relief model is designed to provide high-quality housing in emergency situations.


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