Tesla unveils largest American Superchargers in Kettleman and Baker

A bird’s eye view of the Kettleman station, Tesla’s largest supercharger in the U.S. (Google Maps)

Electric car maker Tesla has recently opened its two largest American superchargers in Kettleman City and Baker, each built with 40 120 kW stalls, customer amenities and solar rooftops.

Opened on Nov. 15, the two stations are located at halfway points of frequently-traveled routes. The Kettleman station covers the route connecting Los Angeles with San Francisco, while the one in Baker services the route connecting Los Angeles with Las Vegas.

As previously reported by the Business Insider, both stations are part of the company’s nationwide expansion plan with an estimated cost ranging from $1.9 to $7.5 billion. Tesla plans to build 10,000 Superchargers across the country to achieve similar coverage to gas stations. Each facility has an estimated project cost of $250,000 and will be designed by the company’s own design studio. The report also stated that President Donald Trump’s infrastructure project could provide a subsidy that will reduce the cost burden.

In September 2017, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed his intentions to build “really big supercharging locations” with “great restrooms, great food, amenities” where car owners can “hang out for half an hour.”

His ideas are realized by the Kettleman and Baker stations, both of which feature the following amenities that will be offered 24/7: access to food and craft beverages, lounge area, kid’s play wall, pet relief area, outdoor space for families, restrooms, wiFi, self-guided kiosks and a store where Tesla-branded apparel and accessories can be bought. Other planned Superchargers will also be constructed based on Musk’s plan.

Palo Alto will follow suit with an unannounced number of stations opening in 2018.


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