LA officials weigh rezoning plan allowing denser developments around Expo Line stations

Los Angeles Transit Neighborhood Plans
Proposed conversion of areas surrounding Bundy station into “hybrid industrial” zones (Los Angeles Transit Neighborhood Plans)

Los Angeles officials have reportedly been weighing the Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan, which will allow denser commercial and residential development within a half-mile radius of five Expo Line stations between Culver City and Santa Monica.

According to a LA Times report published Nov. 26, the proposal calls for rezoning about 250 acres on the Westside, resulting to 14,300 additional jobs, 6,000 new apartments and condos, and more pedestrian-friendly blocks along major corridors. By allowing access to a rapid transit line, the plan’s advocates claim it can ease traffic congestion as residents wouldn’t need cars to get to work or to run errands.

Westside Councilmember Mike Bonin partly supported the Expo Line proposal. He confirmed that the lack of nearby housing is one of the factors contributing to congestion on the Westside. However, he objected the construction of denser developments.

“I want to strike a sensitive balance between the public policy needs for more housing, and preserving the neighborhood feel,” Bonin said. “You’ve got some folks who don’t want to see change and you’ve got some folks who are part of the pro-density movement who are pushing for the sky’s the limit.”

Other city officials  share the same stand as Bonin. They agreed that areas surrounding Expo Line stations need bigger buildings, but only focused on major corridors such as the Venice, Pico and Olympic boulevards.

Officials are also considering the proposal’s suggestion to reclassify some traditional industrial zones near stations into “hybrid industrial” zones. Some areas including more than 12 blocks near Bundy Station would house clean technology, creative and media industries, encouraging developers to repurpose existing structures or build new ones to provide office spaces and housing.


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