SunPower’s Equinox to power net-zero energy Bridge House

bridge house
Rendering of the Bridge House, a unique architectural feat rising in the historic Hancock Park (SunPower)

A 10kw solar system branded as Equinox has been installed by SunPower at the Bridge House in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. It will serve as the personal residence of award-winning designer Dan Bruun.

Key components of the solar system include high-efficiency panels designed by SunPower,  integrated microinverters, an all-black mounting system and an ecosystem application for real-time monitoring of energy production.

The installation prepares the home in advance of the California Residential Zero Net Energy Target of 2020, which would require the amount of energy generated by the rooftop solar system to match the amount of energy demanded by the building for an entire year.

This initiative is expected to boost green building activity across the state. In 2017, more than one-third of homebuilders said that sustainable construction comprises a large part of their overall activity. When the net-zero energy compliance program is implement in 2020, this number would be increased by one-half.

“Beautiful, clean energy systems are the way of the future in custom homes,” Brunn said. “SunPower’s Equinox home solar system on Bridge House effortlessly complements the creation of a waste-free, net-zero energy home. The unique and holistic solar solution naturally fits the home’s design integrity, while powering my day-to-day activities with the sun.”

Upon the 4,500-sq.ft. home’s completion in 2018, it will become a model structure demonstrating innovative and clean building processes. It will educate both builders and the public about modern, custom-house construction practices, notes the press release.

The installation was announced by the clean energy provider Dec. 18.


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