California-based startup Doxel unveils robot to inspect construction sites

Doxel, a Palo Alto, California-based artificial intelligence startup, has developed a robot using artificial intelligence to inspect construction sites.

The robot is designed to fix productivity issues in commercial construction. It visually monitors every inch of a project, then feeds the data to its deep learning algorithms, which then inspect the quality of installed work and measure installed quantities in real time. This enables project managers to react to inefficiencies almost immediately and boost productivity as much as 50 percent

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Without real-time visibility into quality and progress, managers simply can’t boost productivity. Our turnkey solution literally tracks progress for hundreds of thousands of line items in project budgets and schedules, comparing actual performance to original plans,” CEO and co-founder Saurabh Ladha said in a statement. “This is transformative for an entire capital project team. With Doxel’s system in place, project managers can react in minutes, not months, increasing productivity by fifty percent and bringing in projects twenty-five percent under budget.”

The Doxel’s autonomous devices monitors a site every day, both outdoors and indoors, with LIDAR and HD cameras. Its artificial intelligence algorithm processes the visual data, inspects installation quality, and quantifies how much material has been installed correctly. Doxel’s cloud-based dashboard then provides project managers with real-time feedback on productivity, as well as how actual costs and time spent are comparing to the original budget and schedule.

As a result, managers can better control outcomes and keep their projects on time and on budget, Doxel says, adding that this information allows CFOs to get real-time data on earned value for hundreds of thousands of line items in a project budget, while enabling field teams to track schedule at a hyper granular level and in real time.


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