Los Angeles City Council approves $276M for homeless housing

Los Angeles City Hall/Wikipedia Commons

The Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to spend voter-approved tax revenue to build housing for homeless residents and endorsed state legislation that would funnel $2 billion to cities to immediately house the homeless, according to Courthouse News.

Council members approved $239 million to finance construction of 24 projects that will create 1,517 units of housing for homeless residents, 1,242 of which come with social services and health services attached to them.

The funds are generated from Proposition HHH, which Los Angeles voters approved in November 2017. The voter-endorsed tax is expected to raise $1.2 billion in bonds for the construction of 10,000 housing units.

Four of the approved projects named in a report are the West Third Apartments Preservation, Western Avenue Apartments, Broadway Apartments and Apartments at 68th and Main St.

Construction on all projects will begin within one year.


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