$1.2 billion earmarked in budget for new legislative offices


It’s likely that California will be getting new legislative offices.

The state’s $200 billion 2018 to 2019 budget includes about $1.2 billion to demolish the Capitol building’s annex to pave the way for a new building that will be home to the governor’s office, legislators and staff.

The $1.2 billion is earmarked for the demolition of the state Capitol building’s 66-year old annex and construction of a new building that will house the governor’s office, as well as those of legislators and their staff members, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The annex has been plagued with a list of safety problems for years , including corroded water pipes, lack of fire exits and not enough access points for the disabled, to name a few.

The proposed budget is awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.


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