Will there be enough water for new homes at Folsom Ranch?


Eleven-thousand new homes.

That is a lot of construction and that’s what’s on the horizon for Folsom, California. Building starts this month on the first model homes at Folsom Ranch, a 3,300-acre development in the city of Folsom south of Highway 50, says the Sacramento Bee.

It’s a city arising anew complete with homes, apartments, schools, fire stations, commercial buildings, parks, trails and open spaces and an expected population of about 25,000.

But will there be enough water?

State regulators have their doubts. They wonder if the city has secured enough water to keep showers and spigots flowing with the uncertain rainfall in California.

But city officials say they will keep Folsom Ranch in water by capture efforts around Folsom and say the supply will be adequate. Folsom has actually been conserving water for years with the installation of water meters and better delivery systems. Folsom Ranch developers have spent millions of bucks fixing leaky pipes, adding to water available for the project.

“The city would have (a) sufficient amount of water to serve (Folsom Ranch) in both normal and dry years,” said Marcus Yasutake, Folsom’s environmental and water resources director.


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