Contractors, unions, civic organizations raise $3.7 million (so far) to fight Proposition 6

california highway construction

Campaign records show that construction companies, civic organizations and labor groups have contributed $3.7 million in the two weeks since Proposition 6 cleared to be placed on the ballot, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The fund-raising against the gas tax increase repeal initiative has reached $11.8 million, the newspaper reports. Meanwhile backers of the repeal initiative on November’s ballot say they have raised more than $1 million in recent months for a total so far of $3.2 million.

“Unions and the highway construction industry have their own stake here, given the $50-plus billion in road building and repair costs, and they are not about to roll over,” the newspaper quoted Larry Gerston, professor emeritus of political science at San Jose State University, as saying.

He projects that $50 million to $75 million will be raised for the Nov. 6 election “given the self-interest on both sides and the amount raised to date.”

The ballot measure would repeal an increase in the state gas tax and vehicle fees expected to raise more than $5 billion annually for road and bridge repairs and improving mass transit.


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