Construction industry forging ahead to try to defeat Proposition 6


The California construction industry is saying a definitive “no” to Proposition 6. The industry has been joined by labor groups who want the bill defeated and firms and groups have dug deep into their pocketbooks to come up with millions of dollars to put a wrench into the proposition’s works.

The Los Angeles Times says the initiative would repeal new fuel taxes and vehicle fees for improvements to road and transit systems. Construction firms, building trade groups, labor, cities and the Democratic Party, among others, have so far raised about $43 million for the campaign to defeat Proposition 6.

Repeal supporters have raised $3.4 million over the last few months. The proposition will be on the Nov. 6 ballot. Jose Mejia, California State Council of Laborers directors said he is very deeply concerned about potential job losses if Proposition 6 succeeds.


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