San Diego group creates Architectural Reuse Council to keep materials out of landfills

ARC website

With more than 1 million tons of construction and demolition debris – that’s equal to Dallas’ AT&T Stadium filled twice – heaped into landfills every year in San Diego County alone, four local experts in the building materials reuse industry say they knew that diversion efforts here needed attention, and quickly,

“Now they have joined forces to create the Architectural Reuse Council (ARC) to help divert waste in an economically and environmentally responsible way,” the organization said in a statement. “ARC aims to maximize building material diversion through education and outreach, supported by a network of knowledgeable reuse experts.”

“The goal of the Architectural Reuse Council is actually quite simple. We want to provide property owners and home improvement professionals with the knowledge, resources, and independent industry professionals necessary to deconstruct and donate building materials rather than demolish and dump,” said ARC president David Berens. “The concept was born out of our shared desire to deconstruct, donate and repurpose construction waste which by default is usually demoed then sent directly to landfills.”

Co-founders include David Berens of ReFind Kitchens and ReFind Deconstruction and Demolition, John Stockman of San Diego Habitat for Humanity Restores, and husband and wife team Floyd and Marianna Sparks of Property Pros.

“We want people to know about reuse, how each project can have a positive impact on the community and on the environment. It’s not that people are not choosing to reuse, it’s that they don’t even know it’s an option. So, their cabinets, appliances, lighting, lumber, etc. all get dumped needlessly impacting landfills,” said Property Pros’ Marianna Sparks.

“With an average 90 percent diversion rate, ARC doesn’t stop with their goal to increase reuse, their commitment continues with establishing optimal redistribution channels,” the statement says. “ARC has the ability to tap into the right resources and the right people to not only keep waste out of landfills but also help homeowners and charitable partners. Material donations are tax-deductible providing additional incentives for individuals, local governments, and business to reduce the environmental impact of landfills and waste transportation.”


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