AGC of California Issues statement on diversity and inclusion

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The Associated General Contractors of California (AGCC) issued the following statement on Oct. 18.
In the wake of important and timely conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion, we recognize the role AGC and its member companies can play in facilitating necessary, positive, and long- term systemic change in the construction industry.

To start, we must acknowledge we have fallen short of leading our members and the industry in the pursuit to end discrimination. We take responsibility for the times we have contributed to building a culture of inequity and are actively working to correct those mistakes. Going forward we must lean on our mission and core value as our guide to shape policy, improve industry relationships, and develop our workforce for all Californians.

We will lead meaningful, open, and honest conversations that will foster a culture of inclusion for our industry. We will listen to those impacted by racism, inequities and discrimination of all forms with the intent to learn and improve. And we will work with our members to create meaningful paths forward, so progress is seen and felt on jobsites and offices across the state.

In order to make impactful and intentional change, AGC will:

  • create a committee comprised of diverse and non-diverse small-sized and general contractors that are AGC members as well as external experts to develop policies, procedures and training to eliminate racial and discriminatory practices within their corporate structure and on job sites.
  • promote a zero tolerance environment for discriminatory incidents on job sites and across all industry workplaces.
  • promote a caring environment that fosters positive communication, compassion and empathy.
  • provide support to member companies to mold inclusive and equal policies for them to implement on their own projects and within their companies.
  • develop policies that will ensure the advancement of diverse individuals to leadership positions in member companies and the Association.
  • work to ensure the leadership of the organization is inclusive and reflective of the demographics of the geographic territories where we operate.

Standing up to racism and discrimination requires more than a written commitment. It will take time and work to foster a new culture for our industry. It is our duty as the voice of California’s construction industry for the past 100 years to ensure our association and its members build a better future for all Californians.


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