Hill International to provide construction support services for LA Metro’s I-5 improvement project in northern Los Angeles County

image from metro site
Image from Metro's site.

Hill International says it has been selected by the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and awarded a contract to provide construction support services for a significant improvement project on U.S. Interstate 5 (I-5).

In cooperation with Caltrans District 7, Metro is undertaking a project to improve road conditions of the I-5 as it passes through northern Los Angeles County in the area of Santa Clarita—an approximately 40-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. The work will extend from the I-5/SR 14 interchange to Parker Road in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County.

This nearly 14-mile stretch covers other major interchanges including State Route 126 and Magic Mountain Parkway. Improvements include the addition of high-occupancy vehicle lanes along the median of I-5, the creation of and maintenance of existing truck lanes, and the construction of auxiliary lanes between on-ramps and subsequent off-ramps.

The project will also involve intelligent transportation system improvements, including traffic count stations, closed-circuit television cameras, and ramp metering. These improvements will enable the road to handle more traffic at peak hours and provide a safer and faster commute for the residents of northern Los Angeles County.

“In Los Angeles traffic affects our quality of life substantially,” Hill vice-president and project senior construction engineer David Tiberi said in a statement. “By undertaking infrastructure improvement projects, Metro is saving time and money for the millions of people who live and work in Los Angeles County. Our local team is ready to support Metro’s project with high-quality construction support services and help deliver the work on time and under budget.”

As the construction support services consultant, Hill will assist Metro staff in providing construction management oversight for the project. Hill’s support services will begin in the contract procurement phase, continue through pre-construction activities and construction, and culminate in the construction contract closeout. Our professionals will support Metro during inspections, provide administrative support, and offer various technical assistance through the lifecycle of the project. Hill will also help manage and confirm compliance with contract requirements and government regulations.

“We’re proud to continue offering our services to Metro—a client we are fortunate to have supported on many transportation projects over the years,” says Hill Chief Executive Officer Raouf Ghali. “Our teams have also accrued valuable experience supporting other I-5 improvement projects with different government agencies, such as the Orange County Transportation Authority. These projects are critical to keeping Southern California moving and we look forward to bringing the industry-leading services our teams regularly provide throughout the region to Metro’s I-5 improvement project.”


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