Corps of Engineers releases final documents for Martis Valley Trail Project

Martis Valley Trail

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District, has released its Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Mitigated Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) to construct a portion of the Martis Valley Trail.

The approved alternative, otherwise known as the “lower alignment,” is an approximately 1.5 mile paved trail which crosses through the Martis Creek Lake and Dam Project operated by USACE.

The decision allows Placer County and Northstar Community Services District (NCSD) to complete additional segments of their proposed regional trail system for the communities within the Truckee – Lake Tahoe area.

The NCSD will implement specific design refinements and mitigation measures during construction of the lower alignment to minimize adverse impacts to resources of concern previously identified in the 2017 Final EA.

Furthermore, extensive modeling efforts were completed to support the conclusion that the lower alignment will have minimal impacts to the primary Flood Risk Management mission of the MCLDP.

A temporary real estate easement will be granted to Placer County encompassing an approximately 50-foot-wide corridor to facilitate construction of the Martis Valley Trail. Once construction is complete, a permanent real estate easement will be granted to Placer County encompassing a maximum 28-foot-wide corridor along the trail centerline to facilitate long-term maintenance. 

The Martis Valley Trail will be owned by Placer County and the NCSD will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the trail.


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