City of San Jose announces three-year pavement plan

The City of San Jose announced their three-year pavement maintenance plan which ends in 2023.

The plan covers 686 miles of city streets, which will be repaired over the next three years. This year alone, the maintenance plan covers 216 miles. Major streets make up 80 of those miles, while 136 miles include the maintenance of local and neighborhood streets. While we have lots of plans in store for the next three years, read on to learn what to expect in 2021.

For 2021, pavement resurfacing improvements are planned for about 32 miles of major streets and 78 miles of local streets. Pavement resurfacing grinds down and then replaces the top two to four inches of asphalt.

In addition to the more involved resurfacing projects, several miles of streets will get their useful life extended through pavement resealing. The first step in resealing is asphalt removal and replacement in areas with damage. Once the old asphalt is removed, new pavement is added. Then, the whole street surface is sealed by a protective layer.

The first year of the pavement plan brings several new updates to San José streets, including new and retrofitted pedestrian ramps. These ramps are ADA-approved, meant to help people with disabilities, kids on bikes and scooters, parents with strollers, or anyone else using wheels on the sidewalk get around smoothly.


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