Hackman Capital plans $1.25-billion expansion of CBS Television City

Hackman Capital Partners, which operates the 25-acre CBS Television City in partnership with The MBS Group, announced a massive expansion project. The facility is located at Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles.

The $1.25 billion expansion and improvement project called TVC 2050 is designed to grow  the historic production facility to 1,130,320 sq. ft., reports The Los Angeles Times, citing a release from the owners.

The project includes: growing the number of sound stages to a minimum of 15, up from eight; new production office space and support facilities adjacent to stages; new production base camps, and above- and below-grade parking; additional studio office space; preservation of and investment in existing facilities; and enhanced streetscape and public realm.

Construction is expected to take about two years to complete. The developer is now seeking approval from the city for the expansion.


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