Build Caifornia e-cademy introduces young students to construction industry

build california ecademy site

The Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) and AGC Construction Education Foundation (CEF) have launched the Build California e-cademy to “prepare the next generation of construction professionals for the next step in their construction careers.”

The initiative, designed for young people aged 12 to 24, builds on the original Build California initiative, that has reached more than 7.5 million “students, parents, teachers influencers and job-seekers across the state” since 2019, AGC says.

“Young people who utilize the (e-cademy) platform will get to explore and learn about construction through interactive, dynamic, and immersive lessons and virtual experiences,” AGC says in a blog posting. “This online platform will offer users the opportunity to learn about the industry from experts – like AGC members – via courses tailored to their interests and preferences, all while providing career counseling and mentorship. From virtual, open enrolment classes and courses to certificate programs, Build California e-cademy offers something for all students – and the industry at large.”

The e-cademy provides two instruction pathways, “Explore and Learn” and “Construction Ready Certificate.”

In the first option, “students can interactively learn about the fun aspects of construction with this pathway.” AGC says. The Explore and Learn pathway “features curriculum on topics such as robots in construction, woodshop, technology in construction and of course, an introduction to Build California. This pathway will help cultivate and sustain student interest in construction careers from their early years through high school until they qualify for a pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship programs.

Meanwhile, the “Construction Ready Certificate” Pathway “serves as a first entry point on a construction career pathway and as a feeder into pre-apprenticeship/ apprenticeship programs and/or college programming.

“The certificate is comprised of four one-hour courses developed in partnership with AGC members and union representatives, including: introduction to skilled trades, introduction to apprenticeships, get jobsite ready, and introduction to construction management. Once completed, participants receive a certificate recognized by unions, apprenticeship programs and member firms as an indication that the student has done their research and is seriously interested in taking the next step in their construction career.

“This certificate is designed to serve as a way to increase readiness and knowledge as young people take the next step. After completion, participants will receive a 30-to-60-minute career coaching session with a Build California staff member who can help connect the student to partner organizations, apprenticeship opportunities, member firms or schools, depending on their desired pathway.”

Planned programs include:

  • One-hour Explore & Learn Classes – Topics could include Virtual Reality in Construction, Robots in Construction, Girls Build California, Drones in Construction, Technology in Construction, Woodshop.
  • Four-week Custom Certificate Courses – These courses help students identify a skilled trade they are interested in and lay out the steps to find an apprenticeship that meets their interests, skills, and needs. Courses could include Intro to Skilled Trades, Intro to Apprenticeships, Get Jobsite Ready, Intro to Construction Management.


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