OCVibe proposal approved to transform Anaheim’s Honda Center area


California Construction News staff writer

A plan to transform the area around Honda Center and the ARTIC transit hub is moving forward with plans for 95 acres of new entertainment, shopping and dining, offices, apartments and open space.

The OCVibe proposal includes a new concert hall, amphitheater, farmers markets, a food hall, craft breweries and rooftop bars. Offices would mix indoor and outdoor workspaces, and apartments would be built all alongside and plazas, paseos and park space.

City council approved several items for OCVibe in October, including a development agreement, master site plan, tentative tract map, general plan amendments, zoning changes and an addendum to Platinum Triangle environmental impact report.

Estimated at $4 billion, the development is by Anaheim Real Estate Partners LLC, a company of Anaheim Ducks owners and Honda Center operators Henry and Susan Samueli. Construction will be privately funded with no city revenue, subsidies or rebates.

OCVibe is the biggest project in Anaheim since the late-1990s expansion of The Anaheim Resort and falls under Anaheim’s planning for the Platinum Triangle, the area around Honda Center and Angel Stadium of Anaheim, creating a modern, urban village built around sports, entertainment, jobs, public transit and open space.

The properties include 16 acres of formerly city-owned parking lots sold in 2019 to what’s today the OCVibe team for development as part of the project.

Road improvements and new parking garages with technology to get people in and out easily are part of the OCVibe plan.

There would also be about 200 affordable apartments onsite or adjacent to the project for households at various levels of annual income.

Initial work is expected in late 2022 with the start of construction of parking garages in 2023 and significant overall project completion by the 2028 Olympic Games, when Honda Center hosts indoor Olympic volleyball.


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