Hollywood Burbank Airport design-build contract awarded


California Construction News staff writer

The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority Commission has awarded a design-build contract for a new terminal to a joint venture group. The project will replace the nearly century-old building with a contemporary building that meets safety standards.

The Holder, Pankow, TEC Joint Venture has started preconstruction work on ElevateBUR, and the commission has asked for three designs for consideration in April.

“I find that through the statement of qualifications, the RFQ, RFP and the supporting bids that we have the best possible team we could have for this project,” Emily Gabel-Luddy, president of the airport commission said at a recent meeting.

According to the contract, during phase one preliminary stage the design-builder must complete 60% design delivery on or before April 02, 2024 and phase 2 – substantial completion – by Oct. 1, 2027. Completion on or before October 01, 2027.

The cost of construction will be determined at a later date, likely when the design team reaches the end of stage 1. Five firms responded to an RFQ and three were shortlisted for the project to submit an RFP – Holder, Pankow, TEC, JV; Austin Webcor JV; and Turner Flatiron.

“We’ve worked on all of the major airports for the last 30 years here in Southern California, other than this project, so we’re very happy to be here,” TEC President and Chief Executive Tim Coffey told the airport commission.

The HPTJV team includes

  • Corgan Associates – architect
  • CannonDesign – design subconsultant
  • Burns & McDonnell – engineering subconsultant

Holder and Corgan hav completed large, complex projects at more than 200 airports across the world. They have completed over 120 projects together, totaling more than $9.0 billion dollars. Below are some of the HPTJV team’s recent projects:

“Holder Construction is recognized as one of the national leaders from a aviation perspective,” Doug Clough,  senior VP at Holder Construction told the commission. “Across the country from Denver to Salt Lake to Atlata to Charlotte, we’ve built major aviation programs all across the country.

“We recognize that when we come and do a project like this, you need that national expertise. We also recognize that having the local component  . . . not only from a sub-contractor relationship perspective, but also the local conditions is also really important.”

Panko brings the local contractor knowledge to the team, he said. TEC is also a local contractor.

Commissioners asked about the team’s plan to hire and procure goods and services from local cities.

“This project is a huge opportunity for the community,” Holder said. “Glendale, Pasadina, Burbank . . . those are the communities we should be giving back to. These are the places we should be growing our workforce from,” Clough replied. “It’s important to us that we have a diverse workforce that reflects the community we are building in.”

Officials expect to open the new terminal in October 2026, after which they will have a year to demolish the existing building.


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