San Francisco fire code change ‘a pivotal moment’ for construction industry: Ramtech


California Construction News staff writer

San Francisco has updated the fire code to require the use of an approved temporary wireless fire detection and notification system during construction of wood-frame buildings.

Developers and site contractors in San Francisco are now required to have an approved temporary wireless fire and detection notification system. The code went into force Jan. 1 and forms part of the planning process and is a condition that must be met in order to obtain a new building permit.

The change, documented in the San Francisco Building Department Information Sheet FS-04, is being called a “pioneering moment” for construction by wireless emergency and evacuation system solutions provider Ramtech, and North American distribution partner, Space Age Electronics.

Using 24/7 detection and notification system technology will save lives and millions of dollars in damage caused by fire will be reduced, they predict.

“This truly is a pioneering moment for US construction and for San Francisco, which will revolutionize the fire safety of this city,” said Joseph Cervantes, western region business development manager at Space Age Electronics.

“For too long, construction sites in the area have been left vulnerable and it has taken a number of years and hard lessons learned to reach this point, including historical and recent devastating fires in Berkeley, California and others in the United States.”


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