California surpasses 1.5 million ZEVs goal ahead of plan


California Construction News staff writer

California has exceeded the 1.5 million ZEV sales goal two years ahead of schedule, with about $2 billion in incentives.

“No other state in the nation is doing as much as we are to accelerate our electric and zero emissions future,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom. “California is setting the bar for climate action – and we’re achieving our goals years ahead of schedule thanks to unprecedented investments secured in partnership with the Legislature. We’re making real progress on the world’s most ambitious plan to end the tailpipe so our kids and grandkids are left with a cleaner, healthier planet.”

Billions of dollars are approved to build ZEV charging infrastructure across the state, with a record amount dedicated to disadvantaged communities, including a $2.9 billion investment plan approved by the California Energy Commission to accelerate electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling goals and $2.6 billion investment plan to support ZEV projects, with 70 per cent directed to disadvantaged and low-income communities.

California’s ZEV record:

  • 21.1 per cent of all new cars sold this year in California were ZEVs, according to the California Energy Commission
  • California approved one of the world’s first regulations last year requiring 100% of new car sales to  be ZEVs by 2035, following Newsom’s 2020 executive order to develop new rules for in-state sales.
  • U.S. EPA last month approved California’s plan to require nearly half of all new heavy-duty trucks be zero emissions by 2035
  • California is home to 55 ZEV and ZEV-related manufacturers and leads the nation in ZEV manufacturing jobs


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