Site preparation underway for shopping center construction in west Anaheim


California Construction News staff writer

Site preparation is underway to clear the way for the building of a retail center at the west Anaheim corner in early 2024.

The work, which will continue through the end of the year at the three acre site, will clear the way for the building of a shopping center with an expected Sprouts Farmers Market, In-N-Out Burger and Starbucks.

The first buildings at 39 Commons are expected to be completed in late 2024 and into 2025.

The dirt removal and replacement is part of a final remediation plan for the site, which, through the years, served as a gravel pit, landfill, go-cart track and other uses. The northwest corner where dirt is being removed and replaced served as a landfill for construction materials and mud from oil drilling in the late 1950s.

Crews are excavating about 25 feet of dirt in the area and filling it with new, clean dirt now stacked in mounds at the site. Dirt removal and replacement will eliminate concerns about methane gas emissions from that portion of the onetime landfill site.

The redevelopment of Beach and Lincoln is part of a larger effort to rebuild Beach as an “inviting, walkable, livable street with thriving businesses” and to address to crime, blight and other issues impacting the area today.

You can see all that’s happening at Beach at


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