L.A. Metro awarded $38 million for construction project at dangerous crossing


California Construction News staff writer

The Federal Railroad Administration has awarded $38 million to L.A. Metro for a grade separation project at Doran Street and San Fernando Road in Glendale.

The project will include construction of a grade-separated structure to link Glendale to Los Angeles by connecting San Fernando Road to the Fairmont Avenue overpass and eliminating the at-grade crossing at Doran Street.

“FRA is proud to partner with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority to fund a grade separation and safety improvements at the Doran Street crossing, one of the most dangerous in Los Angeles County,” said Amit Bose, administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration. “With a $38.3 million federal grant, we are making daily life safer for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians and investing in a rail corridor used by millions of riders each day.”

The federal grant will enable Metro to begin construction in 2025. Metro is providing a 28 percent local funding match for the FRA grant award to help pay for the $61.8 million project. The project is now fully funded and will officially begin construction scheduling.

“I am encouraged that the FRA has decided to direct robust federal funding to a critical rail safety project in our region,” said Metro and Metrolink Board Member and Glendale City Councilman Ara Najarian.  “The Doran Street Grade Separation project – once completed – will enhance the safety of thousands of individuals in Glendale and the City of Los Angeles who drive, bike, and walk across this busy intersection every day.”

A second $220.7 million project phase will also build a nearby overpass at Salem and Sperry streets in Glendale. This project element will increase non-motorized access employment, residences and recreational opportunities in an area that is currently blocked off by the Los Angeles River and the 134 Freeway.

In addition, Los Angeles County received two grants from the Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program: one grant was for the Rail Crossing Elimination Master Plan (up to $600,160) and a second grant for the Sierra Highway Crossing Elimination Planning Project (up to $704,000).

The Doran Street Grade Separation Project is part of Metro’s Regional Rail Program, which leads the planning, design and construction of capital improvements along 140 miles of Metro-owned railroad right-of-way. Metro’s Regional Rail program team also helps plan and coordinate plans for the future high-speed rail program in Los Angeles County, among other rail initiatives.


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