San Diego council to vote on housing action plan next month


California Construction News staff writer

San Diego city council will vote in December on the proposed Housing Action Package (HAP) 2.0.

The package includes amendments aimed at increasing housing supply for people of all income levels in all San Diego communities.  “The lack of affordable housing in San Diego is connected to every major challenge our city faces, and we must increase housing supply in order to bring down housing costs,” Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera said in a joint statement. “This Housing Action Package will help us do that.”

The Housing Action Package 2.0 aims to implement state law to allow the construction of more new homes near transit, provide protections to existing residents and increase the supply of land available for new home development. It includes ten Land Development Code amendment items that are separated into the following three parts:

Part 1: Encouraging New Homes – promotes the development of new homes by implementing recently adopted state law and revising existing regulations and affordable housing programs to encourage new homes on public land and for students.

Part 2: Fair Housing for All – strengthens regulations to further fair housing and promotes the development of new homes for families, including middle-income San Diegans.

Part 3: Thriving Neighborhoods – fortifies regulations, adds new language to reduce displacement caused by new development, and amends existing regulations that govern the continuation of incompatible uses near residential areas in the San Diego Promise Zone.

The draft Land Development Code amendments for each item are posted on the City Planning Department’s Housing Action Package webpage at


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