Car teeters above construction site after driver misses warning signs in Fresno


California Construction News staff writer

Police in Fresno say it’s “miraculous” that nobody was injured when a “disoriented senior” drove past caution signs and onto a closed construction site.

California Highway Patrol Fresno posted photos on Facebook last week, after a man drove his car up a huge mound of dirt, stopping when it was teetering over the edge.

“Even on clear days with no fog or rain, there are still hazards in the road which can lead us into dangerous situations,” police wrote. “When cautionary signs are posted on or off road they are meant to provide safety warnings to drivers with the intent to prevent damage, injury or death.

‘Unfortunately not everyone takes the signs seriously and puts not only them and passengers at risk, but also anyone who may be working in closed construction areas.”

The driver’s car was confiscated temporarily and “a DMV driver license reevaluation will be recommended,” officers said.


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