California’s small home initiative gains momentum in Sacramento and San Jose


California Construction News staff writer

Sacramento and San Jose have launched ambitious plans to provide housing for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Sacramento, in collaboration with the state, has commenced construction on a small home village, while San Jose has advanced its project by requesting a substantial sum of $12.7 million for the acquisition of 200 small homes.

“Sacramento and San Jose have stepped up to do the heavy lifting needed for the delivery of small homes,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement. “These communities are utilizing the resources and funding provided by the state to ensure that more housing is available for individuals experiencing homelessness.”

Sacramento’s initiative includes the Stockton Boulevard Safe Stay Community, which is underway with construction of 175 small homes expected to be completed by late summer. Mayor Darrell Steinberg expressed pride in the collaborative effort, emphasizing that the campus will not only provide shelter but also essential services to support individuals in need.

Also, San Jose has plans to build 200 small homes at the VTA Cerone work yard in North San Jose. Mayor Matt Mahan stressed the urgency of addressing homelessness, acknowledging the need for comprehensive action from all levels of government.

The small homes initiative, which began with four communities, is gaining momentum statewide. San Diego County recently approved its proposal, joining Los Angeles in the final stages of planning efforts. The progress underscores California’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to the housing crisis.

Since the inception of the small homes initiative, California has made significant legislative and procedural advancements to streamline the process. Legislative measures granting flexibility and establishing procurement processes have facilitated collaboration between state and local governments, with the Department of General Services finalizing contracts with vendors to provide small home models.

As the state continues its efforts to expand the initiative, the developments in Sacramento and San Jose serve as beacons of hope in the fight against homelessness, signaling a collective commitment to address one of California’s most pressing challenges.


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