San Diego unveils “Complete Communities Now” initiative to expedite housing permits


California Construction News staff writer

In San Diego a new program is aimed at accelerating the pace of housing development in San Diego. Dubbed “Complete Communities Now,” the initiative mandates that all relevant city departments review housing projects falling under the program within a 30-day timeframe.

“As a renter myself, I keenly understand the housing crisis we’re in – the rent is too high, and homeownership is seemingly unattainable. We change this by building a lot more housing and getting shovels in the ground as quickly as possible,” Mayor Gloria stated.

The program, which integrates housing, mobility, parks, and infrastructure, aims to encourage development projects near public transportation hubs. Since its adoption in December 2020, the program has already yielded significant results, with the issuance of 22 building permits for the creation of 1,600 homes, including 280 affordable units.

It’s part of a broader strategy to address San Diego’s housing affordability crisis, which includes previous executive orders aimed at expediting affordable housing projects. Last year, the city launched the Affordable Housing Permit Now program, resulting in the issuance of permits for 2,356 new affordable homes.

In addition, the city has released final drafts of community plan updates for Hillcrest and University City, as well as Blueprint SD, which outlines the city’s long-term growth and development strategy.


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