Oceanside launches offshore explorations for beach restoration project


California Construction News staff writer

As part of Oceanside’s coastal restoration efforts, offshore explorations are now underway to determine potentially plentiful larger grain sand sources to replenish beaches.

A total of 30 core samples are being taken off the ocean shelf between the San Luis Rey River mouth and the Buena Vista Lagoon.

The offshore exploration part of the pilot “RE:BEACH” project—an effort to find innovative solutions to retain and replenish sand on Oceanside beaches. In January, the Oceanside City Council approved the RE:BEACH jury’s recommendation to choose a pilot project  called “Living Speed Bumps” by Australia’s International Coastal Management (ICM) firm.

A panel met one-on-one with each design team to discuss the technical, societal, environmental, and financial components of each proposal.  Following discussions, the RE:BEACH Jury unanimously supported the Living Speed Bumps concept that includes construction of two small headlands that will aim to stabilize sand on the back beach, with an offshore artificial reef aimed at slowing down nearshore erosive forces.

ICM, based in Australia’s Gold Coast, has decades of experience implementing “speed bumps” on their own coastline, bringing forward a new concept for Oceanside’s coast, but with a proven track record of success on the East Coast of Australia.

The project team will develop final engineering plans and pursue environmental compliance for project. The planning and environmental review process is expected to take 1-2 years, and construction could begin as early as 2026.

Updates are posted here: conta.cc/3Q0BZZx


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