Revision of San Diego’s FY 2025 budget focused on housing


California Construction News staff writer

San Diego’s mayor has revised his Fiscal Year 2025 budget to focus on building more housing, repairing key infrastructure such as roads and stormwater systems and addressing homelessness.

This is the final budget proposal that city council will vote on in June. One project that will receive funding if the budget is approved is the  San Carlos Library construction planning ($4.7 million). The project is expected to cost more than $35 million with construction starting in early 2026 and lasting about 18 months.

Highlights of the new proposed budget also include:

  • building a new 1,000-bed shelter
  • constructing a safe parking site on city-owned land near the airport known as H Barracks
  • accelerating permitting for 100 per cent affordable housing projects and projects in the transit-oriented Complete Communities program
  • complete 75 miles of road repaving
  • various flood control and green infrastructure projects


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