AGC of California and PCL Construction team up for mental health awareness stand down at Chargers Training Facility


California Construction News staff writer

The Associated General Contractors of California and PCL Construction recently hosted a Mental Health Awareness Stand Down at PCL’s jobsite within the Los Angeles Chargers Training Facility last week, shining a spotlight on mental health issues in the construction industry, including substance misuse disorders and the alarming suicide rates among workers.

The initiative is part of an effort to promote workplace safety and holistic wellness.

For 45 minutes, all onsite work stopped and workers gathered for a comprehensive presentation focused on mental health awareness.

The session was designed to teach participants to recognize early signs of mental distress, start proactive conversations about mental health, and use effective wellness practices.

By uniting the efforts of AGC of California<, PCL, and Youturn Health, the Stand-Down aimed to cultivate a robust culture of support and understanding, reinforcing the construction industry’s commitment to its workforce’s mental and emotional well-being.

“Mental health challenges in our sector are profound, manifesting in high rates of substance misuse and suicide,” said Peter Tateishi< CEO of AGC of California. "By partnering with PCL for this stand-down, we aimed to propel the conversation forward about mental health in the workplace. "Together, we are mobilizing resources and strategies to embed the wellness of every worker into our daily safety practices." PCL not only hosted the event but also actively participated in shaping their own program to address the nuanced needs of the industry. Recently, the company announced the adoption of Lyra Health, the leading provider of workforce mental health, into its U.S. benefits package. The new integration offers all U.S. employees six complimentary therapy sessions and an array of other additional mental health resources. "This is a phenomenal opportunity to break down some of the stigma that keeps so many people in the construction industry from reaching out for help," said Hamilton Baiden, CEO of Youturn Health, who spoke to PCL's employees at the stand-down event. "These men and women are tough – they have to be to work in construction – but it doesn't mean they don't struggle, and they need to know that it's okay get support."


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