All American Asphalt plant in Irvine ceases production


California Construction News staff writer

The All American Asphalt plant in Irvine ceased all production of asphalt on Nov. 15, the city confirmed.

During a special meeting on April 11, 2023, Irvine City Council approved an agreement to purchase and decommission the plant and create the Gateway Preserve, a 700-acre open space preserve located in the hills above North Irvine.

The sale will close in early 2024, and the city will take ownership of the plant and property before dismantling and remediation will start, and the 11-acre asphalt plant site is incorporated into the Gateway Preserve.

“I take pride in the City of Irvine’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and preserving our exceptional quality of life,” said Mayor Farrah N. Khan. “The creation of the Gateway Preserve is an incredible testament to what the City, in partnership with the community, can accomplish when goals and visions align. This monumental agreement is a remarkable achievement for our community and residents of North Irvine.”

The project will create a new hub for hiking, biking, while serving as a gateway to the 20,000-acre Northern Open Space Preserve. It will connect to Limestone Canyon, Black Star Canyon, and extend to the Cleveland National Forest.

The location will serve a broad range of outdoor experiences for residents and visitors alike, as it sits adjacent to residential neighborhoods, the Native Seed Farm, and some of the region’s most productive avocado fields.


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